Need some powerful, practical skills to keep teams on track and on target? Looking for an authentic, engaging “voice” that engages participation and speaks to a wide audience? Then join us at Roam Dunwoody on June 9th for a high-impact SEAF double header to take your facilitation practice to a whole new level!

SESSION ONE:  Flipcharts with PUNCH! Make an impression and add impact to your meetings!

Join Jayne Wallace in a charting session designed to increase the valueJayne Wallace of the charts you create in advance, as well as those you create “on the fly.” Discover ways to enhance your facilitating and power up your charts with simple,  effective graphics—no art skills required! We’ll get a chance to practice some of the techniques and learn helpful tips that are useful for charts, powerpoint and just about any presentation. This is a MUST session for anyone who runs meetings and/or presents to groups of any size.

Jayne is the Co-Lead, Volunteer Facilitation and Training Team, for AARP (American Association for Retired Persons).  

SESSION TWO:  Branding is for Cows and Horses

Forget the hype you’ve heard about “personal Rich Goidelbranding” and join Rich Goidel for an in-depth, organic look at bringing your whole, authentic self into the market—and into the room!

Learn the time-tested processes to uncover what makes you you, and how that fundamental “essence” feeds everything about your practice—from the ways you engage with teams to the ways you attract clients, stakeholders and coworkers.

Perception is reality, so let’s use this interactive session to make sure people’s perception of you is intentional—not accidental.

Rich is our SEAF President, the CEO of Dangerous Kitchen and the creator of Catalyst Cards

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