Southeast Association of Facilitators


The Southeast Association of Facilitators is happy to announce the creation of a new fellowship in memory of our longtime association member and Board member RICH GOIDEL.


PURPOSE: To honor the talents and contributions of our longtime SEAF member Rich Goidel, this new legacy fellowship will be granted each year. This fellowship will grant one-year of free SEAF membership.


GOALS: The fellowship winner will help dream up and give assistance to the exciting programs and sessions of SEAF, an organization which Rich loved deeply.


TIME FRAME: Once the selected applicant is determined, that person will be granted the next 12 months of their SEAF membership free, effective immediately.


WHO CAN APPLY? This is an open application process: any interested person is invited to apply.



Rich was a true Renaissance man, showing deep curiosity: He was steeped in music theory, playing keyboards, guitar, cowbell – you name it!

Rich embodied welcome and inclusion: He was quick-witted, inquisitive, alert and wore one of the widest, warmest grins you’ve ever seen.

Rich was an original and inventive thinker: He served as a strategist, facilitator and VP of Innovation at 352, a digital producing company.

Rich was a thought leader in Visual Facilitation: He’s known for creating and illustrating a masterful tool called the Catalyst Cards, “the fastest, easiest way to get people talking.”


These are the 4 traits we invite you to focus on in your submission:

  • Demonstrate / describe your deep curiosity and your variety of interests, or

  • Demonstrate / describe your devotion to welcome and inclusion, or

  • Demonstrate / describe an example of your original thinking for a project or task, or

  • Demonstrate / describe your interest or expertise in Visual Facilitation and its benefits for group meetings

HOW DO I APPLY? We invite you to submit your own version of an application for this fellowship. Base your own submission on demonstrating or describing your passion for any or all of these 4 traits of Rich Goidel’s. This can be an essay, a poem, a visual road map, a video, Claymation, art or anything else you choose.

Applications may be submitted to Claudia Brogan, VP Membership at— due no later than NOVEMBER 1, 2023.

We look forward to celebrating our long-time member Rich Goidel with this inaugural, honorary creation of the Rich Goidel Fellowship.